Updated with Video! Chemtrail Loop Over Raglan


On Sunday we were out into what up till than had been a great day and this is what appeared when a plane all of a sudden made a loop in the sky. It was a trail which unlike the normal condensation trails was not reabsorbed into the colder air but instead started to build up into a cloud over a period of several hours.

What is interesting is that the route the plane  took (which was a smallish plane of an unknown type) is not on a known flight path and too high to be an route to Hamilton airport for example. I am puzzled by the need of the pilot to make a circle like this and I don’t know if the previous trail was laid by the same plane.

chemtrail 1

Chemtrail over Raglan

The first photo was made by one of my neighbors and was made straight after the plane flew over. You also see a previous trail already spreading rather than being reabsorbed.

2013-11-03 13.59.40

This one was made about 20 minutes later at 2:00 pm and as you see the trails are starting to widen and build up rather than dissipate.

2013-11-03 15.04.16

I made this one a little over and hour later at 3:04 pm and as you see the shape is still there but now it is becoming a real cloud as if particles are dispersing while becoming dense snowflakes as the clouds are forming up very high

2013-11-03 18.31.22

This one I took 3.5 hours later at 6:30 pm. As you see the cloud has grown considerably and is not covering most of the sky.

While I’m not saying that there would have been no clouds if that plane hadn’t dropped that trail it was plain to see that the core of the cloud was formed on the trail and the particles it contained.

7 thoughts on “Updated with Video! Chemtrail Loop Over Raglan

  1. I would like to comment on the loop trail seen over Raglan using some simple logic.
    It has been claimed by some authorities that the dash 8 turbo prop Q 300 was in a holding pattern while this trail was observed. Trails are not often observed behind turbo prop aircraft, on rare occasions prop condensation trail can be produced by the propeller tips, they are easily recognisable by the spiral air flow behind the aircraft, and however we do not see a spiral effect with this trail.
    Generally a holding pattern is taken over many kilometres. A direct entry is performed exactly as it sounds: the aircraft flies directly to the holding fix, and immediately begins the first turn outbound. In a parallel entry, the aircraft flies to the holding fix, parallels the inbound course for one minute outbound, and then turns back, flies directly to the fix, and continues in the hold from there. This route is an oblong shape not a circle, the so called holding pattern is a tight turn which would have had passengers holding on to their seats, if indeed there were passengers on board.
    The trail itself has none of the characteristics of a vapour/condensation trail as the trail is expanding ,contrails composed of water vapour or ice routinely dissipate as the physics and chemistry have demonstrated. We can conclude that the material in question is not water vapour. Rainfall testing and soil testing can verify the presents of a number of metals present in the atmosphere.
    It has been noticed by a number of observers, that the ATR turbo prop has been seen spraying short persistent trails over a number of towns throughout New Zealand.

  2. Published on Oct 20, 2013
    For more than 20 years, people all over the world, first in the USA and Canada, have noticed strange persistent trails in the sky done by airplanes. In the meantime, people are more and more ill (Alzheimer, cancer, autism, MS, etc.). It is the same with trees, plants and animals. Is there a link? Are there illegal sprayings in the sky of metallic particles (barium, aluminum, lithium…) and microorganisms? For what purpose(s)?
    The military, the scientists, the governments always reply that everything is normal and they don’t do such things. Is it so sure? This documentary proves the contrary. Some information it reveals has since even been deleted by the French army.
    A travel from North America to Europe, Africa and Asia.

  3. Sadly they use chem trails also for seismic testing; part of the technology that under pins oil and gas.

    • Unfortunately what you shared their Karen is true. The oil companies and the HAARP program are entwined. Anadarko for instance are deeply involved with HAARP and the navy warfare program we call chemtrails and HAARP. SAG – Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering is the correct term when seeking information on this subject.

      There are folk identified from the Civil Aviation Authority and even Met-service that regularly troll blogs like this to insert the government line.

      This is not conspiracy theory – its simply fact.

  4. Yup – welcome to the land of the “experimented on” — this breaks the Nuremberg Code, doesnt it where people are not supposed to be experimented on – yet our skies continue to be a physics lab for the military – and we are breathing in all of this pollution.

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