On Gutter Oil, The Irish “Famine” and Why John Key Wanted New Zealand To Be Like Ireland

Max Keiser and Stacey Herbert explain what Chinese gutter oil (You need a strong stomach for this one) and the Bank of England have in common and in the second half Max talks with Journalist Diarmuid O’Flynn about why the Irish “Famine” really was Genocide and the tens of thousands of Euro’s that banks have loaded unto the Irish population making them debt slaves for the next couple of GENERATIONS.

Keep in mind that John Key was one of the first banksters to set up a Derivatives department for his bank Merrill Lynch in Ireland to sell their crappy derivatives in the nineties and you get  a hint of why he wanted to emulate Ireland’s “success” here in New Zealand when he said he would like to make New Zealand into the Green Dragon of the Pacific and trust me, he did!

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