On The Royal God Parents, Foodstamps And The Red Cross Or Why We Are Watching A Global “Let Them Eat Cake Moment”!

It is one of those quotes which never was but as it invokes such a powerful image of an elite devoid of any insight into the seething discontent caused by their parasitic behavior I will use it to illustrate the way I feel about the news headers over the weekend and this morning.

Here is what I am talking about:

  • The Red Cross is opening a branch in the UK for the first time since the second World War to bring food aid to about 500.000 English citizens who will be starving over the winter to come.
  • In the US the servers processing the foodstamp cards in 17 states in the US lost the ability to process buys made on the cards leaving millions of already poor people on the edge of starvation in what I find a highly suspicious “computer glitch” (now it’s said to be just maintenance) during a time when the US Government is in shutdown and is already pushing many of it’s citizens to the edge.
  • Queen to receive a inflation crushing pay rise of 22% since she seems to be down to her last million bringing her state sponsored income up from $32 to $37 million (Not counting her private revenue).

    In New Zealand you will not receive a food package unless you can account for every cent of your $ 200 weekly allowance to proof you are deserving of some state largesse and you lose your allowance all together if you are late for your budgeting classes.

    I think the queen should have some help with her budgeting problems seeing as she lives on state handouts, don’t you?

  • In England the Daily Mail announces that the other recipients of some of the biggest dole payments, Kate and Wills will not be seeking the Godparents for the youngest of their parasitic family amongst other royals, or members of the “nobility” but instead the will seek them amongst their equally hideously rich friends. The reason? That will somehow guarantee a sense of normalcy for the youngster  as he grows up in all of their palaces and stately homes!

    They might as well have said: “let them eat cake!”

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