On Fukushima And The Ongoing Global Exptermination Event Taking Place There.

For those of you wondering why I don’t spend more attention of the THREE ongoing full meltdowns at the Fukushima Nuclear plant I would like to point out that I have an ongoing RSS feed called Fukushima Diary on the left side of my page.

As the news gets worse with holes in cooling baths, collapsing cranes and spraying radioactive water on workers and we approach day zero when they want to attempt to move the Mox fuel rods from the building before it collapses I suggest you read his moment to moment posts and if you want to help get this news out I suggest you send the RSS link from his page to all your friends and colleagues and for Gods sake, Do not eat canned or otherwise Tuna or Salmon from the Northern hemisphere!

2 thoughts on “On Fukushima And The Ongoing Global Exptermination Event Taking Place There.

  1. Mean while, ‘GreenPeace’ voyages past half a dozen multi-national corporation oil rigs to ram a sovereign countrry’s one (Russia) just after it has diplomatically stopped the insatiable debt driven western military industrial complex, from adding another paving stone for a potential ww3 in it’s further choas of another middle eastern state de-stabilised.

    If this had happened before ta ‘Green’ political movement, there would be widespread public interest & pressure to have fixed the situation globally, as it is now, environmental consciousness has been routed, driven out, & no one wants to know unless there is ‘funding’, which is all political.

  2. 6 more dead there today after botching a job.
    It goes way beyond not eating tuna. Think about where your omega 3s are being sourced from. The Pacific ocean – history. The oil giants might as well frack the hell out of it because it is as polluted as it comes. Get your Geiger counters out NZ – elevated radiation readings in the coastal areas the seabed mining operations are taking place.

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