The US Government Has Shut Down. Thousands Of People Won’t Get Paid!

Update: (Hat tip R) Obama explains why the tools of war are being left in the lurch (video removed but text here) on their bases around the world while their partners and kids await foreclosure and hunger at home.

Nothing to do with collapsing empire. No Sir, no way! Uh uh wouldn’t happen to the greatest country in the world!

When scouring my usual list of online publications two thing stood out on the Dail Mail frontpage online.

One where Kim Karadashian’s hooters and two, thousands of civil servants, including, US soldiers stationed around the world will not get paid until the new budget is pushed through in the US.

I thought I’d combine the two. I hope it makes you feel just as disgusted and bewildered as it makes me feel with the MSM.

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