Sign The Petition! TPPA It’s Not Right, It’s Not Democracy!

Will it change anything? Probably not! This is after all not a peaceful little trade agreement by parties fully in the know about what they are getting into. This is an attempt to set Global Corporate governance in stone forever and we know how they play ball.

Update: Video of Prominent Kiwi’s demanding the tekst of the treaty:

It is however a necessary step to make the “paper trail” visible and show all of us struggling alone in our homes, online or on the streets with the few we find willing to do so that we really are not alone and that when the time comes the 1% really is even less than that and they better realize that sooner rather than later!

So sign the petition!!!!

If you have friends and family who don’t know what the TPPA is here is a presentation of Lori Wallace. I checked this link and while I previously linked to a video which was set to private this one works!

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