The Killing Of Blair Needs Your Support!

No of course I’m not talking about the actual act of killing one of the biggest war criminals of our time. Not that I think he should not be punished but I prefer that to be done by us in a court of law where everybody is subjected to the same law.

I am talking about the film George Galloway wants to make about Tony Blair and his bloody rampage around the world AND how the prime ministerial role no longer is the highest position in the land but merely a stepping stone to where the real power is… The Financial world!

He needs another £ 20.000 to make up the full £ 100.000 he needs to make the film. If you think Tony Blair is a toxic mass murdering swine and you want to shine a light on this miserable excuse for a human being you might want to put your money were your mouth is and donate some Koha. £ 5 get’s your name on the title roll. You will be part of history in exposing this piece of filth and perhaps even partake in the push to get Tony Blair to the international court of justice in the Haque. The court he was so in favor of and helped establish!!!

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