Nuclear News RSS Feeds Expanded

As the ongoing deterioration and radioactive apocalypse of Fukushima is unfolding without even the most basic information in our mainstream media I thought it was time to put two of the most consistent alternative news  blogs relaying the truth of what is happening there at the top of my RSS feeds on the left side of my blog.

Nuclear News and Fukushima diary are posting many articles on a daily base and the latest 5 of both are now visible to connect too on a daily base.

8 thoughts on “Nuclear News RSS Feeds Expanded

  1. You’ll probably get why they did this. But it really annoyed me. TV3 unfriended/ blocked me from commenting on their Facebook page due to me continually asking them why we’re not hearing about what is happening at Fukushima – when ever they talked about Christchurch and delays in repairs.

  2. Thanks – we have been using this resource since it first appeared online. Glad to see Fukushima being taken seriously given that NZ is going to get the rudest of awakenings.

    If your News Outlet is not reporting on Fukushima, – you are being duped ~ but who cares as long as you can watch the Americas Cup, shop, watch the footie with a GMO’d beer. Don’t forget the sushi or fish and chips for lunch kiwis!

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