A Cosy Little Get Together In New York: Key And Clark On The Same Team!

John Key is in New York to promote NZ as the next temporary  seat on the Security Council. While that may be so I would be interested to know how many people from the banking world he will have breakfast with.

We know he met with Helen Clark and there was much talk how they are now on the same side. No surprise there as they have always been on the same side. It was Helen Clark after all who proceeded with a milder form of neoliberalism. Milder but never the less neoliberal and inherently geared towards wealth transfer from the bulk of the population to the 1%.

We also know they had a private tète a tète with each other and Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully and New Zealand’s Ambassador to the UN, Jim McLay.

John Key met with Jullia Gillard because they discovered that quelle surprise they were going to be in NY at the same time!

That all sounds like a nice little get together of a group of people who don’t give a fig about Kiwi’s but everything about how they are trying to please their international corporate masters.

However. New York has been home to John Key for years in his gambling investment banking days and I wonder who was on his speed dating list of at least 50 “dates”. Did he meet with bigwigs from Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve of New York for example? One of the meetings was with good ole Bill Clinton. That should make you want to find the nearest loo for a decent puke!

2 thoughts on “A Cosy Little Get Together In New York: Key And Clark On The Same Team!

  1. Well if they want a sycophantic wonk with no sense of consequence or responsibility, a NZ politician ‘on the make’ would be a good choice you’d have to say!

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