Where Children Kidnapped To Be Poison Gassed in Goutha, Syria?

A documentary from James Corbett from the Corbett rapport about the inconsistencies in the MSM reporting on the Poison gas attacks in Goutha Syria. Also here is a link to an article in the Independent from non other than Robert Fisk in which he states that no Gas missiles where sold to Syria.

Here is a link to the PDF with the entire rapport about what might have happened as compiled by the The International Support Team for Mussalaha in Syria which set out to analyze and report on the events in Goutha.

2 thoughts on “Where Children Kidnapped To Be Poison Gassed in Goutha, Syria?

  1. Given all we know of the elNosra ‘rebel’ brigades disgusting actions on the ground in this western engineered and controlled covert war-the use of Sarin at Houla, as investigated by UN Carla del Ponte – the arrest of two of their mercenary crew with 2 kg of Sarin by Turkish Police in Adana – the almost certain GLADIO type bomb attack by alQaeda/elNosra in Turkish Reyhanli – and their propensity for brutality evidenced on youtube; given all that, the ISTEAM Ghouta War Crime report will absolutely be regarded by any reader as likely the truth, and should investigated alongside the CIA MOSSAD narrative being rattled out by the old ghoul bonesman Kerry every chance he can get….UN ‘evidence’ from a crime scene totally corrupted by the elNosra and their patrons in this heinous war crime. For four days before the UN got there. How much time would those involved in terror tactics like this need to set the stage do we imagine? You think four days is long enough to create an azimuth? maybe some one at radio NZ might be bothered to ask? maybe not.
    The ISTEAM presentation states clearly that images of children in the morgues of Ghouta have been identified by relatives as children stolen from Alawite villages by elNosra mercenaries on August 4th. The presentation of images suggesting bodies moved to different sites for restaging in different ‘morgues’, and other images obviously from other atrocities-is especially disturbing, until the sinister Saudi 911 conspiracy ‘point man to the white-house’ Bandar BUSH -is outed running the mercenaries on the ground in Syria.

    Then, the ISTEAM report suddenly appears the only living document making any sense at all..

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