Eternal Global Rule For The “Royal” Family? Now We Know Why John “Derivatives” Key Is Visiting Balmoral!

The MSM is heralding John “member of the 200.00 richest club” Key being invited to stay with the royal family at Balmoral for a spot of Royal BBQing as a a goodwill gesture to the entire Kiwi population and considering we just paid Rio Tinto which is owned mostly by the royal family $ 30 million for the honor of having yet another publicly owned asset to be put on the block I think they ought too but with the looting of our ruling 1% in full swing I think perhaps you might be mistaken.

John “Derivatives” Key who made his $ 50 million in the booming Currency, Bonds and Derivatives trade in the days before we understood how dangerous they were and who confessed on breakfast TV

that they would collapse is currently at Balmoral, no doubt to instructed in what is next for New Zealand and the 53 other bits of the globe the Royal family considers to be their property to be looted as they please and bingo what appears on the front page of the MSM websites?

You and me we want the next three generations and every one after that to be the automatic rulers over these 54 countries forever!

We love them and we need them and we want them to be our rulers forever while we slave and toil to pay for their upkeep!

Not bad for a family who is touted as merely a quaint touristic attraction with guards with funny hats on!

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