And So It Begins. Smear 1: Cunliffe’s Naked Ambition

You know you’re over enemy territory when you’re drawing flack. As a politician you know you’re hurting the opposition if they feel the need to send their attack dogs your way, Well he’s drawing flack and the MSM propaganda machine being the governments attack dog is happy to oblige with smear 1.

Funny how that same ambition from our current prime minister (another poor boy made good story) as touted in the unauthorized biography who first ambitiously went abroad to make $ 50 million after which he came back to fulfill his childhood ambition dream was deemed to be so positive!


David Cunliffe is a Harvard graduate who once worked in a fish and chip shop – and even as a boy confidently predicted he would be prime minister. Andrea Vance charts the rise, fall and rise again of Labour’s new leader.

As a gangly, tousle- haired kid on the cusp of his teens, David Cunliffe settled at the bottom of a neighbour’s staircase.

“Mrs Wilson,” he said. “I am going to be the prime minister of New Zealand one day.”

Mr Cunliffe was self-assured from a very young age, recalls Gwyneth Wilson, 74. She’d known the boy for a couple of years, since the Cunliffe family moved from Waikato to the sleepy South Canterbury town Pleasant Point.

“I said: ‘you go for it, David.’ I thought it would happen, I really did. I thought he had the ability and the confidence to do it.”

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And no, I am not supporting Cunliffe. Just observing the guns being brought into play!

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