Want To Know Why they Get Richer And You get Poorer? Here Are Some NZ Headlines And Don’t Worry, John “Balmoral” Key Says The Tories Are On The Right Track!

It is said that the rich make sure their income goes up with the % of money being printed not with the rate of inflation. The rate of inflation is for wage slaves but even that is no longer the case. So if you want to know why the rich get richer and you get poorer follow the increases of income of people who should be in the know.

Here are some headlines in the NZ news papers today.

  • State bosses pocket large salary risesThe fact that these people get increases of some 10% is indicative f the amount of money our reserve banks has been printing to keep the NZ $ from becoming unaffordable compared to the Aus $ and the US $ to name but a few of the currencies which have been diluted because of the incessant and continuing printing of money by the FRNY. To the tune of some $ 85 billion each month!
  • Low-cost clinics at crisis point as funding dries upThis is because unlike our ministers these organizations do not get funded with the same amount of money created out of nothing. They are given a pittance because unlike the ministers they still believe money has to be created through the toil of people like us.
  • Court backs KiwiSaver ruling. Minimum wages are unaffordable so we are told by the same Prime Minister who as a member of a group of less than 200.000 people (Over US4 30 million) has more money he earned with selling the same derivatives now loaded on our government’s books awaiting financial Armageddon, than most people can even imagine. Money printed out of thin air I might add! In what is called a landmark win some of those living on wages John Key wipes his ass with will now get as little as $ 540 a year more and we should be grateful for that!
  • Debt woes deepen for many Kiwis. We are being told there is a middle class. Well here is how much you have to earn to be in the highest 10% income bracket: $ 72.000. I don’t know about you but that is not the kind of money I would call exorbitant these days. Most Kiwi’s (50%) live on $24.000 if they are lucky!
  • But don’t worry! John Key feels we are on the right track. The Tory track that is. he said so while talking with Mr Crosby from Crosby and Textor PR. well known for their excellent PR promoting just those values to those of the 99 % who still believe they are part of the 1% but all know what that means : more for them and less for the rest of us: In fact globally the 1% pocketed 95% of income gains while the rest of us had to do with a measly 5% and I don’t feel that windfall trickling down to us, do you?

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