They Don’t Need Us Anymore! Why? Because They Can Print Their Own Money And The Queen Digs Up Gold!

It may have escaped the average human being but Prince Charles and the Queen  have managed to make peace in a feud that has lasted 400 years. Over what was the feud? Well…. Gold of course! It appears millions of pound of the stuff have been found in Cornwall which made it an issue of dispute! So if you still think that the queen is just a bit of window dressing check this out and then watch this video of Max Keiser on why the PTB no longer have a use for the likes of you and me.

Oh, and before I forget: Gordon Brown sold the gold belonging to the English people for bottom prices in 1999 and my guess is he sold it to those same PTB looting the people of their independence from that same ruling elite and the Fed of NY just announced they will continue to print $ 85 billion per month out of thin air diluting the money supply even more. Robbing us blind even more than we already are!


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