John Key And His Money And Why He Will Never Represent Your Interest

John’s been a good boy and his reward is a weekend with the queen bee at balmoral! I have no doubt he will be offered some nice cushy jobs as a reward for the destruction he has heaped on New Zealand’s economy and the money he poured in the real bigwigs of his world.


Just to give you an idea about where John Key is placed in the financial system and why he will never five a flying F&*k about you and your interests but will always protects those of his masters here is some data you might want to pick up on:

A new study from Wealth-X and UBS finds that the global population of billionaires has surged past 2,000. Their combined wealth totals $6.5 trillion—more than the combined gross domestic product of France and Germany.

Previous estimates placed the world’s billionaire population at between 1,200 and 1,600.

The World Ultra Wealth Report found that just under 200,000 people in the world are worth $30 million or more. The $30 million-plus group, labeled the “ultra-wealthy,” grew by 6 percent in 2013 and have a combined fortune of $28 trillion.

(Emphasis mine)

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What this means is that 2000 billionaires control most of the worlds wealth and military power while their just under 200.000 foot soldiers are strategically placed to loot the world of its public owned utilities and sovereign states from its sovereignty. This is why John key can call another millionaire and promise him $ 30 million of tax payers money and doesn’t give a shit about the likes of you and me!

What does that mean in practical terms: They don’t need us anymore. They can print money out of thin air to pay themselves and we are surplus to requirement and you know what happens to cattle surplus to requirement, don’t you?

If you don’t you might want to watch the latest episode of the Max Keiser show:

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