Did We Just Stop WWIII? Maybe Not But Let’s Keep Pushing Back! 9/11 Was An Inside Job!!!!!

In a spectacular 180 degree flip flop Obama called off the dogs of war…. for now!

One of the main reasons why he was forced to do so was that popular opinion was  vehemently against another war of aggression and that the whole world, it seems, has woken up to the fact that the main aggressor globally is the US supported by NATO and not the smalltime dictators in some Muslim countries.

The mainstream media has been unable to paint Assad, Putin and global anti war leaders as madman, outsiders or criminals (Not saying Assad is a nice guy here) and I can only think of one reason why this is so and it makes me so proud to be part of that.

The only reason I can come up with is that people are finally beginning to connect the dots and the only reason why they can is because they finally have access to the real truth behind all these wars and they don’t like it one bit and our “leaders” know we have got their number!

And the only reason for that is because from crazy man Alex Jones to Veterans today, from Global research to Zero Hedge, from Matt Taibbi to Democracy today to Max Keiser to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth little and bigger bits of the truth are coming out.

From the right to the left each with their own limitations and political blinkers on we are educating each other and we are reaching out and we are being heard bit by bit by bit.

Did we stop WWIII? Maybe not but we did stop it for the time being and if anything it will buy us time to help educate even more people! So without further ado I give you the 5 hour documentary from Luogocomune released in time to be spread around the globe on the 12th anniversary of the most audacious of all hideous False flag attacks in the entirety of humanity, the attacks on the Center of global center of commerce the twin towers of the world trade center in New York and the center of military power, the Pentagon on 9/11/2001.

We will never ever shut up about it and we have got their number! Please share and share alike as the makers of this film want that instead of copyrights and keep on pushing back the tide of evil these maniacs want to unleash on us, The People!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

9 thoughts on “Did We Just Stop WWIII? Maybe Not But Let’s Keep Pushing Back! 9/11 Was An Inside Job!!!!!

  1. A great piece of work. The Compilation keeps getting better. Stronger.Tighter…Every addition confirming that come before it ’till it concentrates and bursts into the face of denial…into the face of McCain and Pinocchio Sunder and all the other professional liars of this Neoconazionist nightmare.You bet 911 is an inside job.

  2. must be time to take back our world, which has been stolen over these last decades. Our phone services, electricity, newspapers radio tv, postal services, medical, educational, pension services, all stolen, and all grabbed by the same few hands. The US is not to blame. Their military is big, but we don’t actually know if it is the deadliest; never underestimate the Russians; i am very sure the French and the UKlians don’t!

    • i forgot to mention, the banksters are stealing our land. One thing i think, that i never see mentioned, is the complicity of the so-called leaders of countries like NZ, Australia, Canada, the UK, invluding the so-called aristocrats, in this crime. All these people must know, at least vaguely, enough of the facts to be complicit. The same goes for police and secret police. Also the Rothschilds and other massively rich families. They know, if they were not involved, and they say nothing? It’s amazing! John Howard was in New York at the time! All those police and judges and lawyers should give back to the public purse, all the money they have made (made, not earned, they can keep what they’ve earned = not much), over the last ten years!!!

  3. We may actually be entering the most dangerous period yet with regard to Syria and WWIII. If US and pals manage to convert the Russian proposal into a UNSC resolution with Chapter VII provisions then US/UK/FR etc will take it as carte blanche for their provocations. Remember how they used the UNSC resolution to “protect civilians” in Libya? More to the point, however, what about UNSCR 1441 passed in 1990 in response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait? It was used commit genocide by sanctions for 12 years and then used to justify the 2003 invasion. The thing is that US, UK, and France can veto the lifting of Chapter VII authorisation of force, keeping it going forever. That’s why Iraq didn’t bother much to prove that it didn’t have WMD until late 2002, because they knew the US and UK would veto any proposal to end sanctions anyway. The Chapter VII provisions (hanging over Iraq like the sword of Damocles) were only lifted this year.
    If anyone wanting to take action over Syria is in Nelson: https://www.facebook.com/events/498994943515303/permalink/504852679596196/

  4. Thanks Ev for this wonderful post and yes we did stop the war mongers – for now! Thanks to your efforts and those of many others, everyone can see that the hypocritical United States has never proposed a solution to the Syrian crisis. It wants war; it wants Syria to be destroyed, like it wanted Iraq to be destroyed, and Afghanistan.

    More people are learning the truth of 911 and it’s so wonderful to see on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, that one in two Americans have doubts about the government’s account of 9/11!

    For those in Wellington this weekend please come and see our exhibition http://nz911truth.org/news/911-see-the-evidence-exhibition-2013/
    and spread the word!

    • Hun,

      You and me and many, many others, we have faced down ridicule and isolation and we have weathered it and slowly but surely the tide is turning but we have to keep at it. No letting up I’m afraid but at least the sea of stupid is waking up bit by bit!

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