John Kerry Is One Creepy Dude!

Those who have been following this blog know I’m not of the Lizard conspiracy persuasion. I prefer to be able to live in a more scientific world. In that world of course it is established there is such a thing as a lizard or reptilian part of our brain and looking at this clip made from John Kerry’s face while trying to seduce us into following the US into WWIII I can’t help but think if that part of his brain has taken over the whole of the man who once famously asked: “Who can you ask to be the last man to die in a war we lost”.

Either that or the Wetiko demon has replaced his soul but whatever the case, looking at him slithering his way into the minds of people who are willing to vote their sanity away leaves me with a cold, cold and very frightened heart .

3 thoughts on “John Kerry Is One Creepy Dude!

  1. Definitely something creepy about a guy who sits down and has dinner with you (Assad) and then wants to kill you

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