All Wars Are Banker Wars And Yes That Includes John Key

With John Key’s autocratic dismissal of the democratic principle with regards to the pending illegal attack on Syria I thought it would be prudent to link to a video of a radio presentation from Mike Rivero who explains how all wars are connected to the financial banking military complex.May I suggest you send this to all the soldiers you know here in New Zealand as they will be participating in a war crime when they get send out to fight the Syrians.

For the complete text from this video go here

2 thoughts on “All Wars Are Banker Wars And Yes That Includes John Key

  1. One thing indeed leads to another:

    Mechanistically/Materially, all Wars in the industrial age are derived from the imperative to export enough goods elsewhere, so that there is enough purchasing power generated by the activity of the society’s economy to sustain itself. As a whole, a society can never profit from itself, due to ownership of the means of exchange by the private banking cartel. This creates the concurrent drive of ever increasing expenditure & growth of the military complex – who now own the majority of world wide media.

    Psychologically/mentally, this situation is generated by the inability of citizens to go from Hunter/Gatherer modes of organization in a non-hunter/gatherer construct i.e. the industrial age. What naturally generated democratic outcomes in one context now generates tyranny in another.

    Spiritually/I/Meta-physically, the paradigm of knowledge before intention ensures that the above two associated problems will keep being set into motion. There will not be accurate wide-spread media for example, until intention is understood to trump knowledge in a primary collective way. One area to start changing this inter-connected general lack of awareness disaster system, is for all protests and activism to BAN politicians and specific plans as solutions, the demands and expectations should only be on the outcomes wanted with confidence in the mass intention applied to sort out the truths from the untruths in the processes generated, i.e. ‘climate change’ & what the reality of that is.

    so sayeth the WIse & Great Humbug! 🙂

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