On Supplying Sodium Fluoride To Syria And Why Hamilton Should Vote Against FLuoridated Drinking Water.

Update: One of my readers (Thanks P) pointed out that we no longer use Sodium Fluoride in the Hamilton drinking water but Hydrofluosilicic Acid. If you want to know what that has in common with Sarin and as it turns out 1080 and why it is even more dangerous then Sodium Fluoride here is a link to a PDF explaining the link between Hydrofluosilicic Acid, Sarin and 1080.

The key to understanding the danger is that Fluoride is a dangerous toxin and all the fluorides we use are the by product of several industrial processes. Hydrofluosilicic Acid, Sarin and 1080 are toxins made with that byproduct and are systems to deliver fluoride into living organisms and while Hydrofluosilicic Acid is not as immediate in its effects as Sarin and 1080, the fluoride is still being introduced into the human (and via us to the entire ecosystem) body and does a lot of accumulative harm.

It turns out that Britain knowingly kept on supplying Syria with two forms of fluoride which is used to make Sarin nerve gas for at least 10 months into the Civil war the West also finance in Syria.

Those forms of fluoride were potassium fluoride and sodium fluoride.

I just thought I’d check the kind of fluoride used amongst others in the drinking water of New Zealand’s town of Hamilton. A town whose council recently and courageously after reviewing ample scientific evidence decided to stop adding to the water.

It turns out that  Sodium Fluoride a highly toxic form of Fluoride was added to the water in Hamilton. Now tell me again why we would put a toxic chemical used in Sarin in our drinking water again?


BRITAIN allowed firms to sell chemicals to Syria capable of being used to make nerve gas, the Sunday Mail can reveal today.

Export licences for potassium fluoride and sodium fluoride were granted months after the bloody civil war in the Middle East began.

The chemical is capable of being used to make weapons such as sarin, thought to be the nerve gas used in the attack on a rebel-held Damascus suburb which killed nearly 1500 people, including 426 children, 10 days ago.

President Bashar Assad’s forces have been blamed for the attack, leading to calls for an armed response from the West.

British MPs voted against joining America in a strike. But last night, President Barack Obama said he will seek the approval of Congress to take military action.

The chemical export licences were granted by Business Secretary Vince Cable’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills last January – 10 months after the Syrian uprising began.

They were only revoked six months later, when the European Union imposed tough sanctions on Assad’s regime.

Yesterday, politicians and anti-arms trade campaigners urged Prime Minister David Cameron to explain why the licences were granted.

Dunfermline and West Fife Labour MP Thomas Docherty, who sits on the House of Commons’ Committees on Arms Export Controls, plans to lodge Parliamentary questions tomorrow and write to Cable.

He said: “At best it has been negligent and at worst reckless to export material that could have been used to create chemical weapons.

“MPs will be horrified and furious that the UK Government has been allowing the sale of these ingredients to Syria.

“What the hell were they doing granting a license in the first place?

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One thought on “On Supplying Sodium Fluoride To Syria And Why Hamilton Should Vote Against FLuoridated Drinking Water.

  1. Evelein

    They used to use sodium fluoride in Hamilton for about 20 years. It is a powder. Then in the 1980s they changed their equipment to suit the much cheaper liquid alternative Hydrofluosilicic Acid (HFA) which is a waste product (in our case) from Ballance AgriNutrients Superphosphate factory in Kiwitahi Rd, Morrinsville. They on-sell it to Orica Chemnet next door, who dilute it with water and sift out the solid silica particles. Orica transports it in specially lined tankers to water treatment plants throughout the country.

    As far as I know no NZ city still uses Sodium Fluoride as HFA is one third of the price (and has way more toxic contaminants that are not removed before it is poured in our drinking\g water). So HFA has more health risks than Sodium Fluoride, which is bad enough!


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