On Sarin, That Diner And How Come The US Knew Of The Nerve Gas Attack Three Days Before It Happened.

A photo appeared a couple of day on facebook spreading like wildfire. The photo pictures one other than John Kerry, now the secretary of foreign affairs for Obama’s administration. He was having diner with non other then Bashar al Assad and their prospective wives in restaurant Naranj in the ancient city of Damascus. 

The photo was made in about 2009 and like the photo of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein and Blair being matey with Muammar Gaddafi shows how close the US and UK governments are to the so called dictators to be removed.

The subject, according to the Daily Mail which published the photo after there was no way to deny the encounter anymore, was peace in the region as Kerry led a delegation to Syria in 2009 to discuss just that.

I don’t know what was discussed at the table but here are some issues which might have been in order to reach peace or not as the case may be.

  • Israel occupies a strategic part of Syria: the Golan heights. What might have been discussed was the return of the heights to Syria or alternatively the consequent theft of oil and gas by Israel culminating in giving the rights to start mining these by Israel without the consent of the right full owners, the Syrian people!
  • The International banking cartel does not appreciate the fact that Syria holds out on becoming part of the cartel. In fact it holds on to the right of the Syrian people to have ownership of the right to print it’s own money. The same was true for Libya whose new leaders, after it’s destruction liberation, quickly started a central bank controlled by the International bankers.

Whatever the subjects, Assad apparently at the time was a partner in these discussions and not deemed the incoherent, child gassing monster he is depicted as today.

And while we are on the subject of child gassing monstrosities here are some issues not discussed in the NZ mainstream media.

For example (hattip to Bill from the Standard for addressing this on the Standard blog which seems to open up to the fact that all is not what we have been told by the MSM and who seems to engage more and more in entertaining  the possibility that the US leadership might be lying about it’s agenda with regards to Oil rich the Muslim world.) it turns out that in the beginning of July the remnants of an al Qaeda cell (Why did Bill just call it a terrorist cell? The fact that we are seemingly supporting al Qaeda fighters which we went in to Afghanistan to fight after 9/11 surely must be of interest?) producing Sarin and Mustard gas was captured.

According to the original article they made this available to al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra:

Investigations revealed that plans were put in place for al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra to get access to those weapons and “further aggravate the tragedy of the Syrian people.

Which is a group financed by the West in order to bring down the Assad regime.

In light of this it should come as no surprise perhaps that the West knew of the attack three days before it actually happened.

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