Fuck Democracy? Why $ 9 Million On The Referendum Is Money Well Spend Or Remind Me Again Why We Spend $ 115 Million Selling Our Stuff?

John Key thinks that spending $9 million on a National referendum of Asset sales is a waste of money. He thinks that because first of all, it’s all just about sending a signal and all our assets will be sold before the referendum anyway.

John Key was elected on the sales pitch that he was “a hard nosed businessman who would see your average Kiwi right”. He had after all made it big in the big wide world out there and he was just the kind of bloke Kiwi’s had been waiting for. My neighbors told me so and they are your salt of the earth hardworking farmers who keep their nose to the grindstone and try to avoid politics altogether but who felt that John Key had come back for them. I know that most voters in New Zealand felt the same way.

But if you want to have any confirmation of where John Key’s real loyalties lie these two statements should be enough to convince that they are not with the New Zealand population but with the people who want to buy our assets and preferably buy them as cheap as possible.

So why have the referendum anyway? Here are my reasons for wanting the referendum to go ahead at all costs!

  • First of all 327,224 people signed the petition indicating that there are many more who are opposed to it as usually only a percentage of people holding a political opinion are prepared to sign petitions or take action.
  • New Zealand is an unusually apathetic country with regards to politics. It is also one of the most uninformed countries and its mainstream media are extraordinarily tightly controlled by just one foreign corporation making it very difficult for New Zealanders to get any information about global and National events and how they relate to each other.
  • I believe that the galvanization around a referendum will lead to more curiosity about and awareness of how much we are ruled not by our elected representatives but by foreign corporations and the Crown of England owned primarily by the Queen and her bankers and in the years to come as the financial system crumbles while the actual ownership of real world assets is concentrated in the hands of that same banking elite bought up with fiat, fake money we will need that awareness as we rebuild this nation and we nationalize our assets once again which have been stolen through odious debts and fraudulent manipulations.

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