Repost: We Need An Event To Start A War With Iran According To The Israel Lobby!

For those of you who do not understand what that means here is the situation: Israel wants to attack Iran. They don’t have their “madman” Ahmadinajad anymore and the world isn’t that keen on attacking 70 million people armed to the teeth who have not attacked another nation for hundreds of years but they do have a handy country at hand which because it is connected firmly to Iran and Russia is the ideal trigger for an all out war with Iran. It only has 23 million people and has a lot of potential for internal conflict because of the many religious groups living there ruled by a small ruling elite.

So what could be simpler than triggering a civil war, pretending to go in there to “liberate” the people after say a Sarin gas attack alleged to be perpetrated by said ruling elite personified by Bashar al Assad (in lieu of Ahmadinajad) also known as a False Flag attack? It will inevitably draw Iran and Russia in and bingo Playtime!

Crazy your say? Well here is the Israel Lobby calling for just such an event:

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