Sunday Morning Rant.

While our governments do not conspire because they are our true representatives and elected by us and they would never ever take us to war, unless it is to help poor brown people, who just accidentally happen to live on big piles of oil and gas, get rid of their evil dictators, who just happen to allow women to go to school,

give away free healthcare and get people of all religions to live in peace and harmony for decennia but who, for inexplicable reasons, all of a sudden start to gas their own people or so our trustworthy elected representatives tell us, here are a few links you might want to read up on about the CIA helping Saddam gas his own people, how al Qaeda rebel troops in Syrian announce their intention to gas Syrians they don’t like and in fact admit they used the gas on children. (Possibly on children they first abducted from Assad supporting strongholds). And it appears they really, really don’t like Christians amongst others

Oh, and did I give you that link where it appears these rebels who like to eat the hearts of Syrian soldiers they were receiving weapons from Saudi Arabia and the US to do all these nice liberating things?

But conspiracies. No sir, NEVER!!

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