Phil Goff Wants To Go To War!

Update: The English don’t want to go to war!

Here is the statement on Syria of the Labour party by word of Phil Goff.

It is clear that Phill Goff propagates the lies about the gas attacks and seeks to push this government to side with the real aggressors. He also supports the UN inspectors but fails to mention the mandate which says don not tell Ban Ki Moon who were the real perpetrators:

Phil Goff
Foreign Affairs Spokesperson

29 August 2013

Key must release Syrian briefings

Labour foreign affairs spokesperson Phil Goff is calling on John Key to share with Parliament and the public the briefings New Zealand received overnight on Syria, and to debate New Zealand’s planned response.

“John Key has an obligation to be upfront with New Zealanders,” Phil Goff says.

“The use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime is the latest and worst of the Syrian government’s atrocities against its own people,” he says.

“It cannot be ignored. Effective action must be taken against the regime in response to its blatant disregard for international humanitarian law and its committing of war crimes.

“A military strike on its own, however, will not achieve an end to the Syrian crisis which has taken over 100,000 lives and made more than two million Syrians refugees. It may in fact impede a long term solution.

“Collective action by the UN Security Council is vital to finding an enduring solution and New Zealand should condemn any use of the veto by permanent members of the Council which stands in the way of a collective response.

“The first step by the Council should be to stop all countries providing the arms and financial support that feeds the ongoing conflict. New Zealand should be outspoken in seeking that agreement.

“Allowing the UN weapons inspection team to complete its work, in line with Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s request, makes sense.

“So too does a concerted effort by the Security Council to secure and prevent the use of hundreds of tonnes of stockpiled chemical weapons. A military strike may reduce security around those weapons and increase the risk of them being used.

“We also need to learn the lessons of the past. Ten years after the military invasion of Iraq, over a thousand Iraqi people are still being killed each month in that country.

“The goal must be collective resolve and commitment to stop the conflict, secure the chemical weapons and plan for transition to a new government,” Phil Goff says.


4 thoughts on “Phil Goff Wants To Go To War!

  1. Goff is just cow-towing to the internationalist one world govt. cabal for Labour.
    It doesn’t actually matter & is just points scoring, kinda like saying ‘me too!’ or ‘remember us!’ etc.

    The proper role for the UN is not this one world govt. – eventually one seat of power world dictatorship in a technocratic control system – that the occultists are being driven by, but as an instrument of co-operation & community at a state level, an international forum for the developing of independent diplomatic culture among it’s states. The UN should be like an unelected democracy of diplomatic traditions & networks, not a bunch of pollies horse trading.

    The continued dis-regard of its role being unable to be seperated from national politics is setting the precedent of the League of Nations before world affairs spiralled into anarchy. The worst environmental disaster perhaps in history, the ONGOING Japanese mox fuel nuclear power plant’s contimination into the oceans & atmosphere, the factors behind this in the nuclear world wide industry, would be the number one no time to waste priority in a remotely ‘sane’ ruling class structure or body but that is not what we have.

    Helen Clark is the head of developing countries dept. or something for the UN, meanwhile as New Zealand has slid near the bottom of western countries in many quality of life/outcome statistics…….& was it just last year that the UN dismantled the leading country in the world for progressive trends, Libya.

  2. I have sent this to Goff :

    Says it all really.
    Why would Assad use chem weapons on his people when he is winning the war against the UKUS trained and funded El Qaeda ‘rebels’ knowing there would be an unwinnable invasion ? He is not
    stupid. We were lied to over Afghanistan and Iraq, surely we can give the UN and the inspectors some support.

  3. There is so little difference between the two parties it makes little difference as both trot out the same lies as passed on by Oabama care and our own press dutifully follows the same line which make me want to puke..
    Let Syria to sort its own problems and I’ve complied more on this @

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