Count Yourselves Lucky, We Could Have Been Syrians!

When I came up with the title for this post it came with the tagline: Or what happens when you finally meet the real enemy!

I came up with it after I had a sleep and woke up remembering something Syriangirl partisan wrote yesterday:

My loyal friends and supporters, I want to tell you i have spoken to many friends in Syria and NON of them are afraid of the Globalist/US military Industrial complex attack! In fact we are all glad, because finally the Enemy has shown their faces. After hiding behind Al Qaeda and a bunch traitors who can’t even recognise where they’re own interests lie for three entire years, the army has pushed them back till the slave master have decided to show its faces. FINALLY we get a chance to strike at the real source of the war. Our soldiers are resistance fighters, our fight is purified and honoured! They have denied the traitors of the SNC absolutely any legitimacy in the minds of the Syrian people and the entire world. And that is in itself a victory. I spoke to a friend in the army today, and he assured me they will have a fight the likes of which they have never experienced. I believe in my people, i believe in our soldiers. I believe in our victory, and no matter what happens or how long it takes, i will believe in it till my dying breath. So stay tuned for my next video which will expose the media lies time and time again.

Syriangirl, real name Mimi Al-Laham, is a young woman and a member of the ruling elite of Syria who was ousted by the Assad coup. She has every reason to be vengeful and rejecting of the current ruling elite and she has voiced over the years her resistance to to Assad but she always maintained her stance that Assad was and is an internal Syrian problem and not like the West would have us believe a global issue. To her the pending invasion and the mayhem leading up to it are purely organized for the benefit of the Western ruling elite and I tend to agree with her.

Yesterday, Israel which occupies the Golan heights, a part of the sovereign state of Syria, granted oil drilling rights to foreign oil companies in that area, making it grand theft of another nations resources, and the finds of gas under the Mediterranean sea in Syrian territorial waters would also be a great incentive for an invasion just like it was for the destruction of Libya.

All this mayhem and genocide in Syria for the looting of it’s resources as was the case in Libya, Iraq and Afganistan, not to mention the attacks on Yemen and Mali should serve as a stark reminder of what the powers that be are capable off and willing to do in order to get what they want.

So when I read that John “Eartquake fun” Key is willing to change the laws so that we will be unable to protest even peacefully against the pending looting of New Zealand’s resources it really comes as no surprise. He is after all his masters servant and we are not that master. That much should be clear by now!

The thing is, his masters are willing to kill every human being standing in their way of more wealth, of more control and we are to them the same as those brown people most Kiwi’s don’t give a toss about and in the unlikely case that Kiwi’s would actually really get off their lazy, uninterested and uninformed asses to fight this attack on their sovereignty it should be absolutely completely clear that a same faith would await us as the Syrians who merely want their own sovereignty and to be left in peace to deal with their own tyrants and who are no danger to anybody outside of their country.

Look at what awaits Syria  and you will see what they have in store for anybody including us who resists their goals Ultimate power and possession of the entire planet !

One thought on “Count Yourselves Lucky, We Could Have Been Syrians!

  1. The US, UK, Turkey, Germany and France have stirred this region so much over the years, those who live there don’t know which way is up. The CIA is continually stirring the pot to keep all factions hating each other when what they need is coherence to shut out the West to get the space to sort out their own problems, but if you think the dead kids is horrible, The Assad regime may have been an blot on the Arab landscape, he is not responsible for the current gassing incident.

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