I Failed At My Job And I Am Going To Ground

“A nation can survive its fools and and even the ambitious but it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable… The traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself… He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist.” (Cicero)

I have been trying to educate the New Zealand people for the last 8 years about what was about to happen if they were to elect John Key as their Prime Minister but I have failed. Today the traitor within will open the gates to the enemy.

Here is the video of the town hall meeting in Auckland. I find it flabbergasting in it’s naivete. Especially Nicky Hager’s statement that we are not the subject of curiosity as the last speaker. What is he thinking? :

I am scared and despondent about what is going to happen in the next few years. I’m sure most people will never have to live with the consequences of the law that is being called into existence today. After all most Germans were left alone by the Stasi and the Gestapo but for those off us likely to trigger the ire of the GCSB times will be dire indeed!

I am going to ground. I have veggies to plant, chickens to pluck and love to make to my beautiful husband of 26 years who just this summer survived a tumor on his pituitary gland and who needs to have a life after living like a zombi for so long and if there is any time left I need to make beautiful things to counter the ugly that will descent on so many of us.

I love you all and may the force be with you and when the traitors will finally be brought to justice I hope I can be there to watch them burn while the survivors just like after every war will be trying to rebuild their lives and keep the memories alive of those who perished in the firestorm about to engulf us.


9 thoughts on “I Failed At My Job And I Am Going To Ground

  1. Dear Ev
    I read your blog every day and you have definitely not failed in your efforts to educate people. My good friend Helen says it much better than I can and we will carry on as long as we can bringing the truth behind 9/11 to the people. Good luck Evelyn. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Dear Ev, this would be one of the few posts on your blog I would most definitely disagree with. You have in fact succeeded in reaching many people and have certainly given us a wider perspective of the world and revealed the evil machinations of the few in control. If it were not for you, I would felt very alone when I learned the awful truth of 911. I have learned so much from you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. A small candle can burn out as does a raging inferno and I know this blog has burned brightly and has been a catalyst for personal and societal change, a spur to morality and a cradle of hope, which has already been reignited many times in the hearts and minds of many, many, others. There is a time for everything and you my friend most certainly deserve some peace for now.

    As for the GCSB bill and our trust in this draconian new law, I thought you would appreciate this from John Ross’ Unintended Consequences pages 337 and 338
    “A woman is confronted by a big, strong, stranger. She doesn’t know what he’s planning, and she’s cautious. Getting away from him is not possible. They’re in a room and he’s standing in front of the only way out, or she’s in a wheelchair – whatever. Leaving the area is not an option.
    So now he starts to do things she doesn’t like. He asks her for money. She can try to talk him out of it, just like we argue for lower taxes, and maybe it will work. If it doesn’t, and she gets outvoted, she’ll probably choose to give to give it to him instead of getting into a fight to the death over ten dollars. You would probably choose to pay your taxes rather than have the police arrive to throw you in jail.
    Maybe this big man demands some other things, other minor assaults on this women’s dignity. When should she claw at his eyes or shove her ballpoint pen in his throat? When he tries to force her to kiss him? Tries to force her to let him touch her? Tries to force her to have sex with him?” Henry took a deep breath and shrugged.
    “Those are questions that each woman has to answer for herself. There is one situation, though, where I tell women to fight to the death. That’s when the man pulls out a pair of handcuffs and says, ‘Come on, I promise I won’t hurt you, this is just so you won’t flail around and hurt either of us by accident. Come on, I just want to talk, get in the van and let me handcuff you to this eyebolt here, and I promise I won’t touch you. I’m not asking you to put on a gag or anything, and since you can still scream for help, you know you’ll be safe. Come on, I got a full bar in here, and color TV, and air-conditioning, great stereo, come on, just put on the cuffs.’
    “I tell women that if that ever happens, maybe the man is telling the truth, and maybe after talking to her for a while he’ll let her go and she will have had a good time drinking champagne and listening to music. But if she gets in the van and puts her wrists in the handcuffs, she has just given up her future ability to fight, and now it is too late.” Henry realized he had been making eye contact with all the other people in the lecture hall, just as he did when he taught a course. Now he looked directly at the professor.
    “How do you spot the precise point where a society is standing at the back of the van and the State has the handcuffs out?”
    “Trust me”, sayeth the government.

  3. Hi there,

    Hope you find happiness and peace in  your “new” life off the grid.  I also fear for what is to come, too many times we’ve find our dread of the future is fulfilled – while in the meantime we are admonished for being “conspiracy theorists”. Been on this band wagon since I was at school in the 1960’s, not as you have done out in the “public” arena of blogging but in my own small way.

    I see today the CIA has finally admitted another of their Psy ops – in Iran in 1953….really helpful I don’t think My Dad’s generation are largely dead now so can’t have their hate resolved.

    All the best “Travellerev” Neil McCormick


  4. Rev, it was a political rally, i’m not sure why someone like you wouldn’t expect to find it at least mildly depressing or disappointing. This legislation is partly about re-inforcing the media system monopoly of views that the majority of people speaking will be invested in & have a share in, certainly that is where the resources came from to organise such an event in the first place i’m sure, & you ended up hearing an amplification of another limited viewpoint about it.

    For example, Russel Norman pulled a play both sides stupid election stunt last election hatched in own office which John Key could have raked him over the coals with, but didn’t. Why? The pocket is one and the same.

    Green politicians and party are often an easy example to use, but it is a political system in totality you are looking at & hearing in such a rally as this.

    Thank you for your blog, didn’t always agree but you did a good NZ related blog & I’m sure equally impressed/confused people with some actual reportive journalistic work of your own. 🙂

  5. I know the feeling but if you had been at the AK Town Hall last night you may just have felt somewhat more positive as a couple of thousand people let it be known how they felt about this most dangerous Prime Minister and his latest grubby attempt to sell us out
    to his bankster mates, Washington, the US stasi spy agency and now the NZ stasi police state. People were angry but that anger turned to one of a sense of hope as speaker after speaker let it be known that we are not going to take this lying down. Our biggest enemy is the compliant media who had the audacity to say what a splendid performance John Key gave on Campbell live ! What rot -it was a PR staged recitation using well known techniques on how not
    to answer a question but answer another question not asked. Totally dominating the proceedings by ignoring the host and eyes glazed,
    presented his rehearsed propaganda speech. Not clever – just
    arrogant dictator with a god complex. Nil desperandum….rest well and come back soon.

  6. it happened in Ireland too, and we are facing bankruptcy, while those in the know laugh at everyone, with the people acting like they have no power at all, peace be with you all.

  7. Thank you for all you have done Ev. Will miss you but get it. Prayers for you and your man. I am glad to know now what has been keeping you from sharing here and I bet that this ordeal has made you both stronger and much wiser to the mediKill system.
    I too am going to ground and far away from this Kaikoura Coastline that is about to be assaulted (AGAIN) with Keys mates, Anadarko (privatised war machine) mining and mineral RAPISTS. I can’t stand to sit here and watch this experimental drill go in to drill deeper than they ever have before and from a company that assisted in destroying the Gulf of Mexico. I am moving near mutual friends Ev so I will be thinking of you as I get my hands back in the soil and I connect back to the green dollar system that still thrives in parts of NZ.
    You have been a warrior Ev – a real genuine voice. I can’t say I won’t miss your RSS feed however you are doing the right thing. How long can one bang a head on a brick wall?
    Deepest respect sister and as you hang up your hob nail boots to done a pair of gumboots, we salute you.

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