Wanna Job? Show Us Your Facebook Pages And Your Bank Accounts!

With an ever expanding invasive government you should expect to create and ever expanding invasive right from the people who finance that parties who form that government. Or as in this case are owned by the government.

And if you think you are not going to get judged on your politics and private thoughts shared with people you choose think again.

When air New Zealand fired this lady they had no access to the information they now want to justify their dismissal. Well  fuck you said the judge to the lady: We will dig through your private garbage to find a reason in hindsight!


A flight attendant was forced to let her bosses examine her Facebook pages and bank accounts in a stoush over what she was up to on sick leave.

The employment court move signals a future where bosses will increasingly demand access to what most workers regard as private details, says employment lawyer Andrew Scott-Howman. He said the development could be seen as creepy and intrusive.

Gina Kensington was sacked by Air New Zealand earlier this year following a dispute over sick leave she took to care for her sister.

She said she did not misuse sick leave, and went to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) seeking reinstatement.

Air New Zealand responded by demanding to see her Facebook and bank details.

Kensington refused, saying it did not have that information when it dismissed her and that “it is well accepted in New Zealand there are general and legal privacy expectations about people’s personal and financial information”.

But the ERA ordered she must hand over details for March 8 and 9 this year – saying they would provide “substantially helpful” evidence.

“The explanation for taking sick leave must be tested for veracity,” said ERA member Tania Tetitaha.

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