Is The NSA Monitoring The Daily Blog And The Standard?

Update II: I do not claim this is the real deal here. As I stated in my initial post the add on PURPORTS to be able to alert users of the POSSIBILITY that the NSA is monitoring websites!

Update: I turned the add on off as it was sounding at Facebook and other sites as well (As was to be expected) and didn’t stop  playing the song driving me insane. I hope they update the add on to only display the logo so you can use it without 4 or 5 ongoing renditions of “dark side of the moon”.

Today I installed a firefox extension. The name of the extension is “Dark side of the prism” and purports to be able to alert users on the possibility that the NSA is monitoring websites they are visiting

I didn’t think much of it and went about my merry way roaming the net. Amongst my first visits after I installed the plug in was the daily blog and to my surprise the Pink Floyd song “The dark side of the moon” the alert for NSA monitoring started to play!
I closed the page and went to the Standard blog where again the song started to play.
I again closed the page and this time I opened the Kiwiblog page and the Whaleoil page both pages opened without any problems and no dark side of the moon!

The Daily Blog and The Standard are two “left” wing blogs. The Standard is the third biggest blog in New Zealand for those of you who don’t know it and the Daily Blog is a blog run by prominent activist and journalist Martyn Bradbury to which a whole slew of left wing journalists and writers contribute.

Kiwiblog and Whaleoil are the two biggest blogs in New Zealand and both are closely aligned with the National party and aligned with the right wing.

Which begs the question: Are the Standard and the Daily blog monitored by the NSA and if so why?

3 thoughts on “Is The NSA Monitoring The Daily Blog And The Standard?

  1. spying etc…now that we have proof of these activities, should a court case not ensue, at least it would open the flood gates for those who have real stories to tell

  2. Interesting, I got the same results, same with the economist and Guardian – not surprising but do you feel left out they are not tacking visitors to your site – yet?

    But I’m very surprised there’s no response to wikileaks, ??

    • Not in the least, suanqu. I do suspect that they monitor sites such as the standard and the daily blog because of the concentration of activists etc. Also it is not too obvious on who they’re spying when there is such a large number of people visiting these sites.
      Rest assured I have no wish to have this site monitored and don’t feel left out in the least! Leave me out I say!

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