Did The Dead Leader of Al Qaeda Cause The World Wide Terror Threat This Weekend?

This weekend the US Embassies in  24 middle Eastern countries were closed because of a terror alert. A Travel warning was also issued to all Americans. France and Germany also closed their Embassies in Yemen which is where the epicenter of terror “chatter” seemed to originate from.

Interestingly a New Zealand newspaper announced that the boss of al Qaeda, Ayman al Zawahiri was one of the sources of the terror threat which is remarkable considering the fact that he was killed in December 2012

Interestingly enough he was also noted as saying that the US was against the the coup against Morsi as recently as 3 August 2013 which reminds me of the hilarious “I kill you” sketch in which the skeleton of a Achmed the dead terrorist keeps yelling “I kill you”. 

But I digress. Here is why we are supposed to be scared again according to the US Government:

Last week 1500 al Qaeda “terrorists” where liberated in several jailbreaks conducted by other “terrorists” in countries such as Libya and Iraq and these newly freed men where poised to attack whatever they could find in the way of innocent Americans who just happened to find themselves in an area stretching from Libya to Bangladesh and from Egypt to Sudan.
However in light of the fact that we are being told to be scared by a dead terrorist here are some issues you might want to consider as to why we really are being “terrorized” with the latest “terror” alert:
Remember the Benghazi attack in which Ambassador Stephens died? The one on September 9/11 2012 allegedly because some bozo made a nasty film about Mohammed and turned out to be totally bogus?
Well, that Benghazi incident just won’t go away and last week it emerged that the official story was a cover story ad that what really happened was that a weapon smuggling exercise to help the Al Qaeda “rebels” in Syria went wrong. By the way these two links are from the business insider and the Telegraph in case you’re wondering if I’m making this stuff up.
Also last week it emerged (Thanks to Snowden, the Wistleblower currently residing in Russia) that the GCHQ which is the UK version of our GCSB had been funded by the NSA and was still being influenced by the same organization and Germany,  no doubt remembering the good old Stasi days, is in full on Mutiny because they do not appreciate being spied on by the Americans. What’s more they are in talks with France to do the same potentially spreading the Mutiny against US hegemony to the second biggest ally in Europe.
The fall out from Snowden’s revelations about how far advanced the NSA spy operations are is reaching ever more epic proportions when the existence of a program called XKeyscore which enables the NSA to spy on everything an individual user of the internet does was made public.


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