Over a 108.000 Unique Visitors And Over 40.000 Of Them Came From New Zealand

Here are some stats I want to share with you.

According to my flag counter statistics 106,487 unique visitors have found this site of which 40,286 are Kiwis!

Now before people are going to try to interpret these results as oh well, that means she has people accidentally flicking in or out, here is what you have to keep in mind:

Unique visitors are just the hits on your blog. They could be one timers or they could be people who return but like me and a lot of other people keep the amount of cookies installed on their computer to a bare minimum making it impossible to distinguish our visits from the accidental visitor.

Here are some other stats which are more indicative of who visits my blog and how the numbers are growing:

37.8% of my visitors are from New Zealand, 30.5% are from the US and 6% are from the UK. In total people from a 198 countries have visited my blog so far.

According to the stats on my wordpress stat page I have 458 email subscribers and 659 Facebook subscribers. I also have a mere 58 twitter subscribers. All these people receive my postings automatically and even after the last 6 months in which my posting was way down low to say the least, my daily visitors have increased and it is now very rare to have a visitor count below the 300 and I hit the 500+ most days.

I reached the dizzying height of the 28th place on a list of 280 blogs as kept by open parachute blog in January of this year and generally  find my blog between the 38 to 42 spot on that blog. Not bad considering my topics and my lack of postings over the last 6 months.

Search words very frequently include John Key, Merrill Lynch and the scandals he has been or still is involved in and other search terms related to the global financial situation.

In closing I can only conclude that there is a steadily increasing interest in the economic reality were facing and I am happy that while I do have a life in the real world I found out the hard way this year, I can still contribute to that growing awareness.

May peace and love be in your lives and may we survive the coming years with our families and loved ones in tact.



7 thoughts on “Over a 108.000 Unique Visitors And Over 40.000 Of Them Came From New Zealand

  1. Congratulations Ev… I know I don’t comment as much these days but I still read a lot of your posts, and it’s good to see others too. Keep up the good work as your efforts are appreciated.

  2. Congratulations Ev. I am deeply grateful for the information here at your excellent wider perspective blog. Sending you lots of love and peace and I wish you all the very best.

    • Hey Helen, I keep meaning to answer your email but shit keeps happening. Love your new place! It’s 7 years and counting already. Can’t believe I’ve been at it so long!

  3. Well done Ev. You can add inconclusive numbers I, and I am sure others, forward your postings to – people on my and their networks – which increases the exposure ‘your must read blogs’ get. Just to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated.

    • That is what I hope people will do more and more. Thank you for the efforts to spread my blog and the information on it. Oh, and for your comments., They are much appreaciated!

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