You Think Spying Stops With Just Monitoring Everything You Do Online?

Here is what happens in the UK. Heat sensitive cameras and spy planes flying over people’s houses and invading them unseen. They know where you sleep how many people are in the house and if you have illegal tenants just like that and while you may think that it is great that those poor illegal tenants are found and dealt with and their “scum bucket” illegal landlords too, you might want to consider what would happen if the population has had enough of these invasions of privacy, of the state control, of the bankers looting everything!

A spy plane equipped with a thermal imaging camera has found that more than 6,000 outbuildings in one town could be ‘beds in sheds’ converted by rogue landlords.

Slough Borough Council is the first local authority in the country to pay for the specially-adapted aircraft to fly over streets picking up heat from sheds and garages.

It spent £24,000 on flights to build up a precise 3D map of every building in the Berkshire town. The results mean thousands could be living there without planning permission or contributing council tax.

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