As Propaganda Is Legalized The Pentagon Promises Not To Lie Anymore

Earlier this week under the radar, without any coverage of the Main Stream Media the Pentagon gave a Press “conference”. The people attending where mostly military for some reason and it lasted about 40 minutes. In it the Pentagon acknowledged it has lost its ability to control information due to the fact that news aggregators such as the Drudge report  where able to disseminate large quantities of news from endless different sources  making it impossible to control the information people received.

The Drudge report is an unassuming website which receives million upon million of hits solely because it is a centralized point at which many layers of news and information are collected if and when it appears and it combines articles to show how politicians, the military and finance institutions lie as a matter of course. To have a link on the Drudge report is to be exposed to the biggest news and information hungry audience in the world and as such it is a huge threat to the news and info hegemony the PTB would like to have.

The Pentagon has now announced that they will work together with alternative outlets and will once again start to “speak the truth” because “bad news will come out and it is better they hear it from us instead of Drudge report”.

Please bear in mind that also recently the law prohibiting the government from inserting propaganda into the news stream has been rescinded and that we are now open to the mother of all propaganda wars financed by the most powerful financial elite this word has ever seen!


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