On Mice, Unpleasant Memories And A Whole New World Of Torture And Mind Manipulation

As one of My Facebook friends and fellow Truthers said “What could possibly go wrong” when he linked to this article

A team was able to make the mice wrongly associate a benign environment with a previous unpleasant experience from different surroundings.

The researchers conditioned a network of neurons to respond to light, making the mice recall the unpleasant environment.

Reporting in Science, they say it could one day shed light into how false memories occur in humans.

The brains of genetically engineered mice were implanted with optic fibres in order to deliver pulses of light to their brain. Known as optogenetics, this technique is able to make individual neurons respond to light.

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5 thoughts on “On Mice, Unpleasant Memories And A Whole New World Of Torture And Mind Manipulation

      • perhaps i’m optmistic, but i think that two days work a week is enough, with our technologies modulated to sensible forms, to feed ourselves and live quite comfortably. Given that a few people, heavily afflicted with entitlement delusions, and diseases of dominance, are causing us to work much harder than we need to, while our taxes go to secret police and obscenely bloated military and parasitic institutions, making the future of their own children extremely hazardous, i think that these diseases could disappear in a short time if we provide the predatory types with an attractive option.

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