On GIABO, Corruption and Bankers Arses Or Why I Love The Irish!

“Just, as Drummer (then-CEO David Drumm) would say, ‘picked it out of my arse’.” Head of Capital Markets, Anglo Irish bank  John Bowe. 2008

Yeah and we’ll be saying ‘Yeah , because, a stress because HBOS were fucking sold and Lehmans went bust and fucking Bank of America fucking took over Merrills and other fucking non-normal things happened, you cunt’. David Drumm, the Chief Executive at Anglo Irish bank at the time of the crisis. (2008)

And than all shit hit the fan and I said: “Right, I’m out of here”. John Key, Upon the Bankers trust bank imploding after they were caught selling fraudulent Derivatives to, amongst others, Proctor and Gamble Inc (1995)

Somehow I don’t find John Key’s wording of how he recollects how and why he left the left Bankers Trust bank in 1995 out of place with the quotes from the leaked bankers tapes on how they screwed the Irish population out of $ 7 billion when Anglo Irish bank collapsed due to their exposure to the derivatives trade out of place.

In fact here is John Key talking about how he thought banks knew in their heart of hearts that they would not get their money back after selling the fraud that is the Derivatives trade from the mid nineties until now:

He, like his esteemed colleagues Drumm and Bowe, expressed no regret, no remorse for the way his bank exploited ignorance and trust and an utter contempt  for the rule of law, the government and tax payers.

Here are some tapes you might want to listen to:

And while this has cost the Irish tax payers $30 BILLION there is good news emerging via the internet. It shows that not all of the Irish are willing to sleepwalk into oblivion and that many of them are prepared to stand up against what was coined the Banker Occupation by none other than Max Keiser.

Yes, the Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation (GIABO) has arrived in Ireland and  we can only hope that one day it will arrive here too!




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