Dotcom, John Key and Egypt Or How A US Bitch Is A Local Dictator No Matter Who “Elects” Him!

Kim Dotcom is a brave man. His presentation as to why a government spying on their own population is a bad idea, is going to go down in history as a clear indictment of John Key’s sickening obedience to his Bankster mates. John Key may have made his biggest mistake to date in appearing as the chair of a committee holding hearings with regards to the proposed laws allowing our government to spy on us. If you need to be told why that is a bad idea you haven’t been paying attention to history.

The fact that John Key thought it was a good idea to chair the committee himself exposing him to the fact that from now on he will really be the man who came from abroad to deliver the New Zealand population to the global police state speaks volumes about his arrogance and disregard for his fellowman’s fundamental right to be free off invasive governmental behavior.

He may have truly made history but to be remembered as the man who ushered in the totalitarian spy grid which for the foreseeable future will unleash the fear and horror of an all powerful state monitoring our every move felt for so long by the Chinese, the Russians, East Germans or the Egyptians to name a few would not be my idea of making a name for myself.

What the Egyptians think of that kind of government behavior should be clear. For the last few weeks millions of people have been demonstrating against the rule of the Muslim brotherhood which they consider to be a pawn  of the global elite as personified by Obama. The army, which was the power behind the previously ousted president and dictator Mubarak, has moved to depose the “democratically” elected leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Morsi, after it became clear that the population was adamantly opposed to Sharia law and the roll out of a fundamentalist Islamic state and the control Morsi’s thugs tried to implement over them.

They sacrificed a great deal to get rid of the the previous dictator whose (military) thugs were equally invasive and terrifying with torture being one of their favorite games and methods of subjugation and the army financed by the US found to their detriment that the new pawn was not acceptable either.

We don’t know what will happen in Egypt next and we won’t know what will happen  next in New Zealand as the empire rolls out it’s ever more invasive and totalitarian control grid.

What we do know is that no matter the pawns we get to vote for in our elections, over in Egypt or here in New Zealand; A US bitch is a local dictator!

3 thoughts on “Dotcom, John Key and Egypt Or How A US Bitch Is A Local Dictator No Matter Who “Elects” Him!

  1. Warner Bros, protecting US corporate interests over Dot Com affair, oil exploration protections, Sky City, cuddling up to Pancetta and Clinton when they were here and now the GCSB
    scandal – his fiat money in B of A, blah, blah….10b govt debt 2008 growing to $70b 2013 – what is he doing? Handing us over to the IMF and an eventual demand to privatise remaining assets as they are wont to do when country’s debt gets out of control ? No one holding him to account in the MSM except John Campbell in one TV showing on the Dot Com/GCSB time line of events. Most popular PM in living history ? I say he is the most dangerous PM we have ever had – ever !

  2. Totally ! With the odious BANKS and RYALL tweedle dum dums the whole thing a farce. What ? No ‘conflict of interest’? The originator of the BILL making ‘legal’ behaviour of GCSB (something that should be decided by the courts) is chair of the committee hearing submissions is also director of the very GCSB under question? Where else but in good ol fcking Keywi land! Dictator has it right .

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