Oh Where To Begin Again?

As some of you may have noticed I have been extremely derelict in my self imposed duty to inform you, my readers of the global political events. This I can assure you was not one of my own doing but sometimes life happens while you are making plans.

Coming back to my blog I am happily surprised to find multiple people on a daily base subscribing to my blog in order to receive email updates and also to find visiting numbers instead of dwindling as one would expect, going up!

The one thing I did not expect is how difficult it would be to get back into the swing of things. Not because nothing is happening I could report on or link to but because there is just soo much happening right now. In fact soo much is happening that to just start the odd link here and there is just not doing it any justice!

Globally for example the whole NSA spying scandal which started in 1999. TWO years before 9/11 which was used as the reason to limit civil liberties and invasion of privacy.

The gold price is manipulated, the annual Bilderberg group hug can no longer be denied. The National propaganda rag the New Zealand Herald says that Conspiracy nuts don’t sound so crazy anymore!

Our Prime Minister is losing support head over heels and the Hairdo is losing any credibility meaning that National might lose its 1 vote advantage. That slippery little weasel from Epsom is being dragged before a judge and the speaker of the house is making tragic errors of judgement giving the opposition leverage against Dunne.

The John Key has come out as supporting full on spying on every free citizen via the NSA back doors and in Turkey a simple protest against the building of a mall in one of the last remaining green parks in Istanbul degenerates into massive civil unrest while in Syria the “rebels” supported by the West are showing themselves to be outrageous religious fanatics killing 15 year old boys in front of their parents and siblings to terrify the population into religious submission and I could go on and on…

The speed with which events are taking place is mind boggling and it’s like jumping naked on a runaway train from a tree reaching only halfway up the side of the train while its raining.

And yet I have jumped and I’m holding on and I hope, life permitting, that I can do my daily bit to help you and me to understand what the fuck we are finding ourselves in: a Global twister destroying everything in its wake while we try to hide behind little stumps of trees and molehills, for a little bit longer!

5 thoughts on “Oh Where To Begin Again?

  1. My mind still boggling with thought of you naked hanging onto the side of a speeding train in the rain!
    You may also have read the UN polled the Syrian people including those generally not Assad backers and found 70% backing ASSAD. The egregious torture delivered on the people by western covert mercenary al-Nusra and alQaeda killers cited as the main rally point. Sibel EDMONDS is sure going to be exciting. Hopefully she can get Kim onto GLADIO and Graham FULLER.

    • I can assure you that would not be a pretty sight at all. Yes, in fact bloggers like Syrian girl who belong to the ruling elite deposed by the Baathist rulers speaks very much in favor of the Assad Government. Not because she thinks he is so great but because like most Syrians she is well aware that Syria is not “liberated” but used in a bigger global game and that Syria’s liberation has to come from the democratic forces from within.

    • The mind is buzzing on just what angle Sibel Edmonds will take as she has an amazing stable of insurgency, counter insurgency and dark deeds by those we once called “our side”. A half hour interview is too short but if Kim has done her homework we may be rewarded with an hour at least. My guess Sibel will tie in her experiences with what is happening now. A plus would be an examination of our spooks in the GCSB and where Key is taking us into the rabbit hole called “security my a**e”…….now a target more likely. Rather enjoying McCain wandering around the border of Syria with egg on his face although doubt he will get the message the Syrians don’t want nor need him. Submissions close 5 pm Thursday for GCSB changes…..Even a couple of paragraphs will help posted on-line.

    • Good on her!. I’ll link to it when it’s archived. with John Key being easy with the Americans spying on everybody voices like hers are much needed

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