Royalty and statesmen to descend on Watford hotel for secret Bilderberg summit

Kissinger (who thinks we are cockroaches), Cameron (One of John Key’s soulmates) and God knows who else doing their secret thing (but no conspiracies here). Anybody know where John Key is this from the 6 to the 9th?

British taxpayers will have to foot the bill for the ‘exceptional costs’ of policing of the clandestine Bilderberg meeting to be held in Watford next week.

The annual meeting of royalty, prime ministers and business chiefs – famous for being shrouded in secrecy – is taking place in Britain for the first time since 1998.

Given the amount of – so far unnamed – prestigious people set to attend the event at the luxury Watford hotel in Hertfordshire, local police have been forced to step up security, which will be part-funded by the government.

The cloak of secrecy surrounding the meetings, which ban journalists from attending, has fuelled (sic) various conspiracy theories, including that attendees are plotting world domination.

As a result, there are fears that anti-capitalist protesters will cause ‘violence and disturbance’ at the meeting on 6 June.

Hertfordshire police have refused to release the cost of security for the event, which has previously drawn mass demonstrations in other locations around the world.

However, they are in talks with the Home Office about a grant for ‘unexpected or exceptional costs’ that is only given out if it threatens the stability of the force’s policing budget.

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