Wwoofers and Blogging. Not A Good Combination!

Over the last five weeks we have hosted four wwoofers (willing workers on organic farms) on our small holding. I don’t think I have ever had to answer so many questions and been so invaded in my (blogging) space. As a rule I am mostly alone and can dedicate my time as I see fit but not these last five weeks.

On the bad side it as busy, overwhelming and on some occasions a hierarchical struggle to maintain alpha female dominance  over my domain was needed resulting in some ugly scenes but on the good side?

Where to begin!

We had a shed lined and painted. A separation wall dressed and painted. All our tools including a milling machine weighing a 1000 kg have been moved to the shed and three phase power has been installed and the connection of all our tools is in progress. A ceiling has been put in one of the areas of the shed (something I didn’t thought would happen until at least the next spring) . We had veggie beds planted, outside walls of the house stripped and painted. I taught a girl how to knit and after the initial difficulties she was off knitting beanie after beanie with cables and moss stitches like she’d done it forever. And there is more but I can’t think of it at the moment! All I can say is they really pulled finger and as a result we are much further ahead with all our plans than we could have imagined so a big thank you to our wwoofing friends!

We ate wonderful food because I was inspired to cook as they cleaned after (They where all from Brittany, a Celtic province of France and loved food in all forms and tastes) the feasts. We laughed, argued and oh, God I’ll miss the lot of them even thought I am pleased to have my space back again.

I will be savoring a couple of days of peace with hubby for now but after Queens day I hope to be back in good form to help you, my readers to keep informed about the ongoing and accelerating collapse of our economic system due to the bankster shenanigans and other wild and woolly shit going down around our precious planet!

Peace and love


2 thoughts on “Wwoofers and Blogging. Not A Good Combination!

  1. Fantastic Evelien…..have a great weekend…xoxo

    Removed your email cause you might get shit mail if I leave it on!

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