Video: How To Tell When Politicians Are Lying

A great video analyzing the body and facial language of the men and women we elect to protect our interests. Hopefully he next time you watch “Centre” Right John “I forgot” Key on the telly this might help you to find out what the hell he is lying about next:

4 thoughts on “Video: How To Tell When Politicians Are Lying

  1. Welcome to Google Tubes new internet control. This is the error message I get when It try to follow your above clip out to YouTube to leave a thumbs up for the YouTuber.
    This video may be inappropriate for some users.
    Sign in and confirm your age

    – like anyone gives YouTube their real birth date ;(

    This just started happening about 30 mins ago. Another clip titled Trading on Thin Air also threw up the same message.

    Happening to anyone else?

    • I have checked with my network and this is now happening across the board. All YouTube users ‘not signed in’ are getting this message. If you are signed in you don’t see the content warning. There’s the end of private viewing.
      Sorry to interrupt your good blog but heads up.

  2. isint it each and every time they open their mouth?,John Key is clearly a traitor to the NZ people.

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