FBI Agents Killed in Virginia Were Investigating the Boston Bombing

During an apparently training mission in the Virginia area 2 FBI agents were killed after falling from a helicopter into the water.  41-year-old Christopher Lorek, and 40-year-old Stephen Shaw both belonged to an experienced hostage rescue team that was involved in the arrest of Boston Marathon suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Pilot Online reported that:

In interviews Monday, the founder of the Hostage Rescue Team and other former special agents called the unit “elite” while outlining the difficult training exercises members must endure.

“It’s the most rigorous training regiment in law enforcement, probably in the world,” said Danny Coulson, a former deputy assistant director of the FBI who started the team 30 years ago and served as its first commander. “They have to be able to do any mission, at any time.”

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4 thoughts on “FBI Agents Killed in Virginia Were Investigating the Boston Bombing

  1. Agent Lorek was also a hair and fiber expert. He testified for prosecution in the Casey Anthony trial. Google it and you will see his picture from the trial.

  2. Too many contradictions, unexplained coincidences, mis-reporting, disinformation, surrounding this whole affair…..latest was the publication of the photos taken of the brothers walking amongst the crowd prior to the bombs exploding. Their napsacks were slung over one shoulder only, their shoulders were not hanging to one side, the fabric of their jackets was not all bunched up as a weight carrying heavy, pressure cooker, bomb laden would indicate. Just a casual stroll with a light backpak…..one of too many missteps.

    • My first thought when I read this was – I wonder what they found that they weren’t supposed to? Sad indictment on the way we get informed these days isn’t it?

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