Israel Bombs Damascus While The “Rebels” Use Nerve Gas.

Update: Israel has allegedly used Depleted Uranium Missiles to bomb Damascus.

Israel today bombed the Syrian Capital for the second time this week. Israel says it was targeting Iran made Missiles on their way to Hezbollah. I am at a loss as to what a chicken farm could possibly have to do with Iranian Missiles. In the mean time it appears that while the Western mainstream media was propagandizing the use of Sarin Nerve gas as being used by the regular Syrian army, it was actually used by the CIA paid “Rebels”. Here is a link to a video in which they announce they will be doing so.

Added to that the West is denying an investigation into the alleged use of Sarin Nerve gas by the Syrian Army which was requested by the Syrian Government!

Here is Webster Tarpley’s Take on what is happening in Syria:


Bulldozers are clearing away rubble from buildings razed to the ground by Israeli airstrikes near Damascus, as Syria pledges retaliation for the ‘declaration of war’.

Pictures have emerged from Syria showing the damage caused to buildings, including some forming part of a chicken farm, by an attack in Al-Hama – close to Jamraya where a research centre was targeted.

Senior government ministers in Syria warned its neighbour it risked engulfing the Middle East in conflict after carrying out airstrikes twice in the past three days.

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Aftermath: Bulldozers work to remove rubble after the Israeli airstrike in the Al-Hama area near DamascusAftermath: Bulldozers work to remove rubble after the Israeli airstrike in the Al-Hama area near Damascus
Destruction: The damage left at a chicken farm building following the attack by Israel on SyriaDestruction: The damage left at a chicken farm building following the attack by Israel on SyriaRead more

2 thoughts on “Israel Bombs Damascus While The “Rebels” Use Nerve Gas.

  1. How about the 200 billion dollar A year “perception-management industry” employed by our Military and pioneered by scoundrels like Freud’s cousin Edward Bernays, Walter Littman and Rockefeller’s propagandist, Ivy Lee.

    Companies such as the Rendon Group and the propagandist firm of Hill and Knowlton have made great strides in convincing the American people that these ridiculous profit driven Wars are in the best interest of Democracy or more accurately the elitist theory of democracy-

    The video footage we all watched on Fox News and CNN of American soldiers defacing a statue of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein with the Old Glory and the ensuing shoe battering of the statue with angry Iraqi’s was nothing more than a staged event by A propaganda driven psyop group. Several of these contract actors were purposefully flown to that square in Iraq for this opportunity of deception-Another infamous pysop production aimed at the American public audience was the tear jerking episode about the poor little fallen female American soldier Jessica Lynch and her glorious rescue from the bad guys-What A crock of SHIT!- Both events were purposely and falsely contrived disinformation campaigns that were deliberately misreported events to convince and distract the American Public that this was indeed A Noble mission. .

    Another example which this article failed to address was created by the propagandist firm of Hill and Knowlton which arranged an infamous staged op as a prelude to an assault against Iraq in the Desert Storm campaign. A teenage girl, Nasriyah, A Kuwaiti Ambassadors daughter gave her short lived acting debut, acting out her role as A hospital nurse, while crying convincing crocodile tears and lying about babies being ripped from incubators and mercilously thrown to the cold concrete floors by Iraqi soldiers. Main Stream News outlets gave then President GHW Bush several News shorts on prime time T.V. proclaiming the savagery of Sadaam’s men with this contrived incident- The false story moved American sentiment to back military action against Iraqi soldiers in Kuwait. Bush, it was later revealed, falsly led Sadaam into believing that we would not interfere with his invasion of Kuwait-

    It never ceases to amaze me the lengths the Pentagon, CIA and other “Top Secret” Agencies we may be unaware of will go to deceive the American people into believing that their blood soaked, hard earned tax dollars are in good hands and well spent- This article could just as easily been titled: “Pentagon-Psyops-Hollywood- The unholy alliance of perception management for Empire” And I am equally amazed at just what some folks will do for A living- Personally, I would find it hard to sleep at night-

  2. If war is the ultimate insanity, as I believe it to be, then US/UK/NATO/Israel are all barking mad and their governments locked up, throw away the key, and let the world get on with humane programmes in poverty prevention, fair trade, concentrate on education, health, assistance to those left behind – we call it social justice and human rights, well we used to but now forgotten in this war of terror by power hungry US/UK/EU/Israel.

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