On a King, A Banker, An Unelected President And… Helen Clark?

On the 30th of April the kingdom of Holland was presented with it’s new King. That’s right, in this enlightened age the Dutch accepted without as much as a peep their new parasitic unelected head of state. At least 33 years ago we fought and rioted and said no homes for us? No crown for the queen!

The new king Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima Zorreguieta the daughter of a former member of the Argentinian Junta who stands accused of being co-responsible for the disappearing of thousands of political opponents were crowned in the Nieuwe Kerk with only a smidgen of republican opposition which was quickly removed from the Dam square next to the Kerk (Church).

The population of Holland supports the new King and his wife and daughters for more than 75% and while I despair I concede defeat in the face of so much stupidity and well let’s face it Presidents and Prime ministers are not much better on the whole.

One thing which seems to have escaped the populus of my birth country is the following:

According to our “constitution” the King/Queen is not crowned and no formal foreign political leaders are allowed as quests in what still is called the crowning event. This is to emphasize that the Royal head of state has no function other than a symbolical one and visiting heads of state from the political realm would confuse the issue.

So when I looked at the big photo of all the official attendees surrounding the new king and queen I expected to see only royalty.

So I hope you will agree with me that while they are not politicians from what I might loosely call the democratic political realm I found three people listed on the photo which I would clearly call if not elected still incredibly powerful figures in the geo-political firmament. I dare say they are among the most powerful in the world not so much because they are so as individuals but because they represent some of the most powerful groups on the this planet.

Here they are:

  1. José Manuel Barroso– the unelected (well he is elected but not by us the people) president of the European Commission

  2. Herman van Rompuy– another unelected (and here again we have an official elected by the hoipeloi of the European union about which we have nothing to say as the riff raff that we apparently are to them) official in the European union. In fact he is the first President of the European Council which funnily enough is the organization which is comprised exclusively from the same heads of states which are specifically excluded from the crowning of the Dutch king so you might say that in a round about way every fucking head of state in Europe was represented by van Rompuy at the crowning they were not supposed to attend.But… and this was the most baffling of persons attending the Dutch Crowning was the attendance of the ex prime mister of the country I now live in New Zealand:
  3. Mrs Helen Clark who professed to being a staunch socialistic republican while residing over New Zealand!
    Helen Clark is the current head of the United Nations Development Program which means she is the third most powerful person in the United Nations which in itself of course represents the geopolitical elite and is considered the 61th most powerful woman in the world so you might say that she too represents in a round about way the geopolitical class which for very important reasons was not supposed to be present at the crowning of the Dutch King!

4 thoughts on “On a King, A Banker, An Unelected President And… Helen Clark?

  1. Royals from all corners of the globe smile for the camera at ceremony to welcome the new king of the Netherlands | Mail Online


    I am not a monarchist, in fact I would have enjoyed doing my knitting at the Bastille in Paris…….but here is a photo, near the beginning, showing all the VIP guests, including Helen Clark and other non Royals you have have listed. Must admit I was surprised, that circle of VIP’s don’t usually socialise with non royals, Hmmmm, next UN head ?

    • p.s. The article was sent by a UK friend, a staunch Monarchist….sent because she knew how anti-royal I am….I think I shall have to remove her from my networks 🙂

  2. Greg Hallett would be the last person I would give any credence to. A ding-a-ling-nut case lost in his own porn style imagination. This guy needs help, if you know him Graeme do the guy a favour and get him to a psychiatrist.

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