So Who Were The Man Dressed In Black And Tan? An Explanation Emerges.

Over the week since the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon pictures have emerged of a group of man dressed in unmarked black and tan outfits. Here is a possible explanation of their presence. Does it mean all questions are answered? I don’t think so!

By Washington’s blog

What about the “Craft” Mercenary?

Preface: This post is not meant either to support of debunk the theory that the Boston terror attack was a false flag operation. There have been many false flag attacks throughout history, and we have no idea at this point whether or not the Boston bombings were real terror attacks, drills gone live, or false flags. We also don’t want to discourage investigators and researchers from doing their own research and turning over stones to find what is hidden. This post is simply sharing our views on information about one aspect of the photographic evidence.

This post will undoubtedly be attacked from both sides: some claiming that we are engaging in bunch of nutty conspiracies, and others claiming that we’re selling out and covering up to defend the official lie. We are doing neither … we’re simply trying to help move the discussion forward so as to focus on the most important facts.

There has been a lot of speculation on the internet that the men in “black and tan” may have had a hand in setting off the bombs.

For example, this photo – posted by 4ChanThinkTank – appears to show someone actually laying down a black backpack next to the Boston Marathon:

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