Max and Stacey: Correlation And Causation Or Why We Have A Roque Banking System

Did you know that in England the debt of the Banking system is six times GDP? Well now you do! What does that mean? It means that England has an out of control not connected to any reality banking system and if John Key had an honest bone in his body and was really here to help Kiwi’s he would tell us so and start printing money right here right now and abolish the Reserve bank forever!

3 thoughts on “Max and Stacey: Correlation And Causation Or Why We Have A Roque Banking System

  1. Rev-
    Here is A good read from disenfranchised, then fired Patriotic FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmond’s “Boiling Frogs” website- I wish all Americans would read and absorb this illuminating expose on our disgusting Main Stream Media and the total decay of our 4th estate. Betrayal doesn’t even begin to describe foundations like the Washington Post or New York Times- Treasonous Collaborators would be more appropriate-
    I included the first paragraph for the dramatic effect…

    Our American Pravda
    The major media overlooked Communist spies and Madoff’s fraud. What are they missing today?
    In mid-March, the Wall Street Journal carried a long discussion of the origins of the Bretton Woods system, the international financial framework that governed the Western world for decades after World War II. A photo showed the two individuals who negotiated that agreement. Britain was represented by John Maynard Keynes, a towering economic figure of that era. America’s representative was Harry Dexter White, assistant secretary of the Treasury and long a central architect of American economic policy, given that his nominal superior, Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr., was a gentleman farmer with no background in finance. White was also a Communist agent.

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