“Everybody Should Pay For Water Because It Is Not A Human Right”, Nestlé CEO!

Just in case your wondering why we are being prepared to have all our water tanks and water supplies privatized and exploited by John Key, his international mates and National here is a hint:

Nestlé CEO Peter Brabeck thinks we should not have the right to clean water (in fact he thinks that this an extreme opinion a we all know what that means)  and that we should all pay through the nose for it.

3 thoughts on ““Everybody Should Pay For Water Because It Is Not A Human Right”, Nestlé CEO!

  1. It is a human right, it is the very existence of man kind, water is not CEO or any corporates or government claim, it belongs to all not just controlling greedy manipulative people who value the $ more than mankind itself. Take a good look at the state of the world economy then ask yourself how well Government’s ,CEO,s perform. In my opinion they rape and pillage for personal gain it has nothing to do with the welfare of mankind,

    • I think it would be more correct to say that it is a global resource for all Earths creatures and not for human kind to play with and monopolize. But then the same goes for all the fencing, destruction of rainforest and other assorted acts of one of Earths biggest plagues

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