2 thoughts on “The FBI Wants You To Close Your Eyes Except When They Say Look At This

    • You know? I grew up with Jewish kids whose parents had died or survived concentration camps and although I don’t agree with the emphasis the Zionists put on the six million Jews who where killed in the war (There where 20 million Russians killed after all too and some 70 million people globally dies as a result of the war) I have no reason to believe they didn’t die in a horrific focused genocide and you’re getting really up my wick.

      You are entitled to your opinion about Alex Jones but connecting him again to Israel and or Jews again shows your true colors too and I have warned you before about this.

      Consider this your last warning. One more remark connecting the behaviour of the relatively small group of dedicated Zionist scumbags to the entire religious and or secular group identifying as Jews and you are banned. (And I ban for life) Have a nice day!

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