8 thoughts on “A Great Galloway Rant: Thatcher And The Misery She Left Behind!

  1. The United States Government and some of the MISERY it left behind:

    How could any sensable man or woman seriously consider joining the United States Military when the Pentagon and Govt. agencys responsible for the return of anywhere between 600 and 1,250+ Vietnam POW/MIA American soldiers became A massive cover-up betrayal involveing high dollar war reparations, career destruction, National embarrassment and fraudulent destruction of “classified”documents from the highest places in Government-
    How could two Senators, both Vietnam veterens, one A 2008 Presidential candidate and the other A former 2004 Presidential Candidate and present Secretary of State be at the very heart of this conspiracy coverup over the last 40 years?
    This is one well documented study by highly honored Pulitzer prize winning Investigative Journalist of unquestionable veacity for over 50+ years, Sydney Schanberg-
    A well researched, convincing and thought provoking read!

    McCain and the POW Cover-Up
    The “war hero” candidate buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam.
    By Sydney Schanberg • July 1, 2010
    ⦁ Eighteen months ago, TAC publisher ⦁ Ron Unz discovered an astonishing account of the role the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, had played in suppressing information about what happened to American soldiers missing in action in Vietnam. Below, we present in full Sydney Schanberg’s explosive story.

  2. Thatcher was finished as a Political entity before the advent of the Falklands War
    Nothing like a War to Bolster up Patriotism and Public Support
    Makes one wonder if it was a False Flag
    The same people control and supply all factions in any War

  3. I agree with most of this, but the British Motorcycle Industry was in decline a few years prior to Thatcher becoming PM.

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