On Water Derivatives And Privatizing Water!

With the financial system collapsing the Money junkies have to come up with new and innovative ways to loot the “little” people in order to protect their collapsing derivatives gambling system and one of the ways they can do that is by privatizing water and ripping us another financial hole by selling us water without which we would die within three days while driving up the price with derivatives.

As predicted the North Island drought has prepared the ground for the introduction of the privatization of water. We are being told that water is expensive and we are let to believe that as a result of the “Climate changes” we should pay through the nose  for the privilege of using water. This will go for everyone including farmers (Who will be bankrupted for using water they harvest themselves with infrastructure they have paid for themselves) and it will inevitably harm the most vulnerable and poor while the rich can afford their pools and hot pools while the rest of us will suffer.

4 thoughts on “On Water Derivatives And Privatizing Water!

  1. All obviously part of the Agenda
    All part of Climate change and Global Warming Hoax and Justification for the Carbon Tax bought about by Geo Engineering
    And like the Halohoax and Maori pre dating the arrival of Europeans in NZ we are not allowed to talk about it
    Lies are ok but leave out the Truth
    There have been Ice Ages Stadials and Inter stadials all through History the last ending in about 10000BC when there was a dramatic rise in Sea Levels

  2. Agree with rose – I’ve been talking with Wellington City Council about domestic water storage tanks for dirty water needs within our house – they’ve at least been looking following our drought at providing some form of financial assistance to cover the costs for fixed income people – keeping an eye and ear on this. Will substantially reduce our domestic cost of water if/ when they bring in compulsory meters.

  3. How convenient.
    We were told more than a year ago they had started metering rainwater tanks.
    When we let the Northlanders know they said that the meter men would need to get past big guns before they charged them for their collected rain water.

    This is taking it a little further… thanks for the heads up Ev

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