New Zealand’s All Growed Up! Finally We Can All Commit Legally To Our Loved One.

It wasn’t until I saw the happiness on the faces of two gay friends who had committed to each other in a civil union that I really, deep inside of me, felt that to deny people the right to commit legally to their partner because their partner was  of the same gender was inhumane, self righteous and evil. Until then I had always defended the right of gay people to get married based on rational motivation.

I am Dutch and my country has taken the road towards marriage rights for all people a while ago and the sky did not fall in on us and our society did not change into a wanton decadent one and I really hope that as our gay fellow men and women come out of the closet and get married and are able to form long and loving relationships not in secret or in barely condoned circumstances but in the full light of day and in marriages sanctioned by us as a community and in law, we will finally be able to move on from the hideous prejudices and rejection that has made life so hellish for so many for so long!

5 thoughts on “New Zealand’s All Growed Up! Finally We Can All Commit Legally To Our Loved One.

  1. Beastiality is Legal in Holland
    Anyone who has sex with an Animal must Die
    Ironically the Bible was not talking about this but of Two people of the same Gender having Sex

    • Really? You learn something everyday and while I appreciate some of your comments this kind of remark is exactly what I hope will disappear in the very near future. Am I making myself clear?

  2. I don’t know the ins & outs but i think private institutions/citizens should be able to decide their own courses and not have the state enforce them.

    People need to learn to stop un-voluntary coercing of others, a culture of non stop fighting over who get’s to put their view onto others for issues is dangerous and mad.

  3. Thank you for this blog. My partner and I wouldn’t get a civil union. I refused to have a second-class relationship in the eyes of the law. So now that we have marriage, I feel like a full person legally. It’s a truly wonderful feeling.

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