Breaking: Road Side Bombs At the Boston Marathon?

Spreading like wild fire around the globe via the MSM at the moment is the news that a bomb has exploded at or around the finish line of the Boston Marathon and that more “secondary devices are be found. There is mention of two deaths and many wounded.

Here is a life feed of the area and what is happening at the moment!

4 thoughts on “Breaking: Road Side Bombs At the Boston Marathon?

  1. I just watched A documentary by Metanoia films named “Psywars”-
    In the opening segment of Psywar, there is video footage of American soldiers defacing a statue of Iraqi president Saddam Hussein with the Old Glory. It was a staged event by psyop group. The film then segues into another infamous pysop about the fallen American soldier Jessica Lynch. Both events were disinformation campaigns that deliberately misreported events.
    John Rendon, an “information warrior and perception manager,” is a major player in the $200 billion a year perception-management industry. Rendon is the figure who orchestrated the effort to sell the American public on a war against Iraq.
    The movie goes on with Howard Zinn and Noam Chompski explaining the who, how and when of public disinformation and manufactured consent pioneered by Howard Lippman and Freud’s American couisin Edward Bernays who helped sell Woodrow Wilson’s sudden change of heart to involve us in WW-1…Rockefeller’s public perception manager, Ivy Lee is covered also-
    This is one revealing documentary and this outfit {metanoia} has five other film/documentaries on this site well worth watching. It
    Makes me wonder if John Rendon has been out and about lately, stirring shit and fear with the American populace. Amazing what insecurity and fear can do to unaware, uneducated, non critical thinkers. What was it that Benjamin Franklin said- Those that would sacrifice their Liberty for Security, deserve neither…
    I’ll watch :The Power Principle” next, as any film praised by Michael Parenti has got to be O.K.

  2. Here we go again……don’t they know that most of us have woken up to their dirty little games. I think I’ll run a sweepstake on who is going to be the alleged terroists…. hmmm -North Korea or Iran or one of their own ? It also has more impact on when foreigners are killed or injured.

  3. The official version stinks – another 9/11? Unfortunately it has distracted us from our own 9/11. Key justifying extending GCSB powers with “Kiwi technology producing weapons of mass destruction’. This day might go down as the beginning of fascist power in Aotearoa

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